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We have taken all our stores on-line, to cut down on our over heads and to still provide you the general public with the latest products at a reasonable price and a great delivery service, we know the economy is not at its best at the moment so going online means we would save on storage charges which then passes the saving onto you, so shopping with us for your Mobile phones and accessories ,Cycling or biking equipment,small household Kitchen appliances,Game consoles or Beauty products for Men and Women all in one Pembrokeshire store. 
 We have placed all our centres on the Amazon website, as it is a trusted site to millions of people around the world, this also helps us in the advertising of our centres to the masses in the UK as well as in Pembrokeshire where we are based. So no need to travel, view our stores in the comfort of your own home, pick your purchases and have them delivery to your front door, some of our items even come with free postage.
Cycling & Accessories

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Small hand tools coming soon


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